On-line PD academy will no longer be available at this website from 31st March 2017. Please contact your local Baxter representative to discuss the options available for clinical education relating to Peritoneal Dialysis and Haemodialysis. Thank you.

Peritoneal Dialysis

Established Renal Failure is a long term condition and the availability of PD gives patients the choice to receive treatment at home, either fully self-caring or with varying degrees of support.

Clinical education for trainee nephrologists does not always focus on dialysis. Three of the world’s leading nephrologists specialising in Peritoneal Dialysis have worked to produce the first interactive multimedia learning resource for PD.

This resource covers all aspects of the care of a PD patient from the physiology and mechanics of PD, through to initiating the therapy and continuing management of the patient. The learner can expect to understand more about how to maximise the quality of dialysis that the patient receives; minimise the risk of problems and effectively resolve issues if they do arise.

The site has been fully accredited by the renal association and CPD points are available on completion of the module.


Martin Wilkie

MartinI have been a renal physician at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust since 1995. My MD was in the area of Cyclosporin toxicity in renal transplantation. I have an interest in peritoneal dialysis since it offers a degree of patient autonomy and lead the PD program in Sheffield. I have a research interest in new solutions for PD and bone mineral management in dialysis patients. I Chair the Renal Association working party on peritoneal access, and am a faculty member of the PD Academy. I am also taking an active interest in the problem of Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis and have been involved in setting up the UK EPS Registry and DNA Bank.

My Qualifications are BSc, MbChB, MD, FRCP.

Edwina Brown

EdwinaMy interest in peritoneal dialysis started with my first job when I was taught how to put in PD catheters! During a subsequent fellowship at Yale, I developed a rat model of PD. Since then my research has been entirely clinical. I was in charge of the PD unit at Charing Cross hospital for many years, and am now the consultant in charge of the PD unit at the West London Renal and Transplant Centre. I have been on the organising faculty of the PD Academy since it started and am one of the authors of the Oxford Handbook of Dialysis. My prinicipal research interests are peritoneal dialysis and dialysis for the elderly. I was a principal investigator for the European APD Outcome Study (EAPOS) and the North Thames Dialysis Study for the elderly. I am now running BOLDE - Broadening Outcomes for Longterm Dialyis in the Elderly.

My qualifications are MA(Oxon), DM, FRCP.

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Three reasons to use this resource

  1. Learn about all aspects of peritoneal dialysis through a multimedia interactive online resource
  2. Earn CPD points to be used as part of your portfolio
  3. Accredited by and developed in association with The Renal Association